Yes indeed. Humidity matters. A lot. Here's the deal:
When your herbs dry out, bad things happen. Too little moisture will cause the trichomes to dry out. They will become brittle, harsh and less effective as the essential oils that carry the beneficial compounds slowly degrade.
Too much moisture increases the risk of contamination by mold or mildew. And you definitely don't want to ingest that.
Depending on where you live, the season, air conditioning, etc., you face one or both of these problems. 
This is why we developed the SmartJar, with a sustainable bamboo lid and a snug silicone seal, and a reusable area on the outside where you can record the contents. Most importantly, the SmartJar has a humidity gauge so you know exactly what is going on inside.
Independent research shows that the ideal humidity range is between 55% and 65%. So how do you manage that? It's actually quite easy with Boveda 2-Way Humidity Control packs. We include one with every SmartJar, and sell replacements.
We exclusively use Boveda packs because they are the best. Unlike other solutions that seem like science experiments or old school tricks like orange peels, with Boveda you simply drop a pack in your jar and you are set. And Boveda packs are 2-Way which means they will either reduce or increase the humidity in the SmartJar to maintain an ideal relative humidity of 62%. Just replace the pack when the humidity gauge drops below the optimal range.
A SmartJar with a Boveda pack is THE answer to effectively storing your herbs. It's cheap insurance to ensure maximum enjoyment!
Check them out here.