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      We design all of our smell proof stash bags & cases in Boulder, Co. Most of out bags have an integrated 3 combination zipper lock and they all have one of two types of smell proofing techniques.
      • The first option that our Silverton, Classics, Durango, and RiNo use it an odor trapping method. We line the bags with a non-pores liner that feeds into a rubber gasket. We seal the deal with water proof zippers to insure no particles can escape.  
      • The second option that our Highland, Dotsero, and Alma use is and odor absorbing method. We line the bags with an Activated Carbon Fiber Fabric. This stuff seriously works! Learn more HERE!
      Smell Proof & Locking Hard Shell Stash Bag - Odor Trapping
      From $ 49.00
      Smell Proof Pocket Pouch with Activated Carbon Fiber - Odor Absorbent
      $ 24.00
      Smell Proof & Locking Stash Bag Activated Carbon - Absorbs Odor
      $ 45.00
      Smell Proof Case with Activated Carbon Fiber Fabric - Odor Absorbent
      $ 39.00
      Smell Proof & Locking Messenger Bag - Odor Trapping
      $ 199.00