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      Q: How do I set my lock combination?


      A: The lock can only be reset when it is set to the opening code. The factory setting for the opening code is 000. To change it, press down the small reset button on top of the lock with a pen, or our metal poker, until it clicks, don’t continue to hold the button down at this point, it will stay down on its own. Also, be careful to not turn the numbered dials while pressing in the reset button.  Now, move the combination dial to the desired code, then move the thumb lever to the side which will open the lock and the reset button will pop back up. Now the code is set.  

      Q: What is an OdorPax? When do they need to be replaced?

      A: OdorPax are odor absorbing packets that are made from bamboo charcoal, hemp outer fabric, and nylon interior fabric.  The OdorPax are disposable and replaceable.

      The OdorPax work by absorbing odors but eventually the carbon media becomes spent (used up) and needs to be replaced. Depending on how you store your products determines how long the effectiveness of the packets will last. OdorPax’s absorption does not take effect immediately but within a day most odors have been removed.  The general ‘rule of thumb’ is that the OdorPax will remain effective for 3  to 9 months depending on what you store, and how you store it.   

      If discretion is a big concern then it may be helpful to have back-up OdorPax on-hand or even use multiple OdorPax, depending on your required level of discretion. OdorPax can be re-ordered on our website.

      Some additional OdorPax good news and bad news.  The good news is the OdorPax can be regenerated (refreshed) about 3 times before you need to buy a new one.  The process to regenerate them is to heat it up hot enough that the absorped odors are released from the activated carbon, thus refreshing the OdorPax.  This can be done by placing the OdorPax in hot direct sunlight for a couple hours, heating them with a blow dryer, or putting them in the clothes dryer.  The bad news is the heating process (off-gassing) can happen by leaving the OdorPax in a hot car, which is not good, we recommend keeping it in the trunk.  

      Q: What's the pen for? It says "permanent".

      A: The marker is used for labeling (and relabeling) the jars.  We recommend using the Sharpie brand  Ultra Fine Tip  Permanent Marker.  A permanent marker is used because it can only be erased with isopropyl alcohol (70% or greater), disinfectant wipes, or even bleach. If it's not permanent it wipes off too easily. 

      Q: What if I forgot my combination?

      A: Bummer. The factory setting for the locks is 0 - 0 - 0.  If the code has been changed then you will need to try each number until the lock opens. 

       Q: What is the warranty?

      A: We offer a limited lifetime warranty on our bags.  If there is a manufacturing defect, we will replace the bag. Wear and tear or torn fabric is not considered a defect. Please contact us at to make arrangements. Accessories include a 30-day warranty.  

      Q: Can I lock my bag and carry it on a plane?

      A: No, the TSA (Travel Security Administration) does not allow locked bags to be checked-in or carried-on for security purposes.  If you’re going to fly with a Stashlogix bag do not lock the zippers, TSA needs to have access into it. 

      Q: What if my zippers are hard to move?  Is that a defect?

      A: No, we use zippers that block or reduce the odors.  They start out a bit stiff but loosen up over time.  

      Q: If my hemp bag has a wrinkle is it defective?

      A: No, the hemp fabric starts out a bit stiff, but will soften with use and imperfections will smooth out. We use hemp because it's one of the most renewable and environmentally sustainable fabrics. It's also more durable and rugged than other natural fibers.

      Q: What about returns and exchanges?

      A: We have a special page just for that right here.

      Q: What are the shipping policies?

      A: In the United States we ship via USPS Priority Mail, which is typically 2 to 3 days. Please plan for a day or two (at the most) for us to package and ship your order, longer if your order falls on a weekend or holidays.  Our packaging is discreet but our shipping label says STASHLOGIX, as the Ship From address.

      For orders outside the US, you will have a choice between first class or priority mail at checkout. Your individual country's duties and/or tariffs are not included in our prices. We ship worldwide.