“What’s in your stash bag?” with Guillermo Hartley – Founder of a Non-Profit Cancer Education and Support Group


Please tell us about yourself, your business, and what motivates you?

I’m Guillermo Hartley and I own and run a non-profit education and support group for cancer patients at the Saint Fernandez Cancer Center in Ohio. We hold weekly meetings and educational classes. We work with corporate sponsors to get donated products that help make subtle improvements in our lives, which is important when much of your time is spent in at doctor’s offices. Which is how we got involved with STASHLOGIX.

 Almost a year ago, I was diagnosed with glioblastoma, a fast growing brain tumor. This has prompted me to get out of bed every day to try and do as much good as I can while I can. My goal is to help others that are going through similar things that need a support group.

What’s your experience with medication?  Do you have any advice to offer others in similar situations?  



Unfortunately, when you’re diagnosed with a life-ending naughty brain grape, lol, consuming more medicine than food becomes your new normal. My advice is to try to stay positive, find something that makes you a better person, and build on that. Staying positive mentally can make all the difference in the world.

How do you incorporate the STASHLOGIX bags and its contents into your life?

Well it’s basically my man purse. I keep all of my meds in it because then they’re all together, locked, and safe. Plus, I see two to three doctors a week, bringing all medications is required. 

I also keep some dog treats for 1 1/2 yr old Doberman that is always with me. Only time we are apart is when dogs aren’t allowed somewhere. When we go on long walks I throw in a couple bottles of water for us.

How do you stay balanced? 

Hmmm, lol, a excellent question. I know work isn’t the answer you’re looking for but I have become so close with all the patients I work with, we’re like a big weird family, haha. I just want to smile and be a better person everyday. My Grandpa told me that a smile and a lending hand can mean more than just making somebody else’s day, nobody ever feels depressed after being a good person.

How can people reach you?

Message me at Guillermo Hartley or Toasted Fresh on Facebook

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