Travel + Cannabis in Colorado

Ah, summer time and the livings easy!  

Longer days, more sunshine, and vacays. We know you want to get elevated while you’re away from work. So you choose to make your way down to a recreational state. If you find yourself asking how to best travel, in legalized state, these are our pointers for if you plan to make your way up (or down) to good ol’ Colorado. 

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Where Do I Start?


We first recommend checking out our friends over at the Pot Guide. They have the most comprehensive knowledge of 420 friendly traveling in the US and beyond. If you want to know the nitty gritty about the different laws between states and countries, head on that way, this might help too. Here we’ll break down our personal tips and tricks for visiting Colorado, maybe even beyond.

Stay in a 4/20 Friendly Business

The Travel Joint, Bud and Breakfast

There are plenty of businesses like The Travel Joint, which gives plenty of 420 friendly activities, breaks down dispensaries in a few recreational states, and even a lifestyle blog that provides reviews and canna-recipes. If you need ideas for daytime and night activities, they’ll help you out. If you’re looking for strictly cannabis only stays, Bud and Breakfast will hook you up with worldwide accommodations. Air BnB is another non conventional way to stay if you want to avoid hotels that have strict non-smoking rules.

Research Dispensaries in your Area

Some Colorado counties don’t have dispensaries while others do and their hours can be weird. It’s easy to get stuck staying further away from a dispensary than you’d like. Before you head out, double check dispensary information services like Leafly to find stores in neighborhoods near you. You’ll walk in, know exactly what you want and you’ll be your budtenders favorite customer that day.

 Stay Off Federal Land

Smokey the Bear

If you’re heading into the mountains to visit or play, leave your green in the car and wait until you’re in a private residence. Or take an edible. Smoking in public is always is inadvisable and be extra weary of federal lands. Why? Unfortunately, cannabis is still federally illegal and you'll be on federal ground, not state. To get a full breakdown of the state law, visit the official site of Colorado.

How Do I Carry My Stash Around?

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A loaded bowl, or even an empty dirty pipe, is about equivalent to an open alcohol container. Yikes. That’s not how you want to remember your trip to Colorado. Use a Stashlogix bag to charge portable vaporizers, while keeping your edibles and flower locked in one place, and to be extra safe stow it in the trunk. Travel easy when you know your stuff is secure and scentless. If you’re traveling with kids or pets, it also gives peace of mind that they’re not going to get into anything they shouldn’t. 


So...Where Can I Smoke?

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Take a My 420 Tour tour if you want to smoke and sight see Denver without doing any driving. If you’re not in the area, do not fear. You can still find places to smoke. If you’re on private property and have permission by the owners, then it’s cool to smoke there. But, where else? Cars, not so much. Streets, definitely not. If it’s a public space, make the safe assumption that it’s not a good place to toke up. In very select cities, there are smoking clubs but not like Amsterdam’s cafes. Private Denver social smoking clubs are in the works but won’t be up and running until late summer at best. If you want a complete breakdown and are burning with questions about Denver Ordinance 300 then check out The Cannabist’s answers.


Come Back Soon!

With these tips and tricks,you’ll be able to lighten up but stay responsible. It’s never a bad idea to be prepared. Do your research before and your trip will be one for the books. Enjoy the scenery, breathe in the fresh air and take care to get the kindest stuff possible.

Healthy Headie

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