The Silverton just got a serious upgrade!

STASHLOGIX has been refining our Silverton on a continuing basis and we couldn’t be prouder of our latest and greatest.  In fact, with the March 2021 batch we’ve been so busy pushing the envelope with this product that we haven’t had time to brag, or at the very least not confuse you.  If you received a Silverton in the past month than you may have noticed that you didn’t get the OdorPax.  Don’t worry that’s a good thing, that’s old technology. 


The new-new uses the same Activated Carbon Fiber (ACF) fabric that we use in our lifestyle bags (Alma, Dotsero, Durango, Highland), which is remarkable for odor-protection. This new ACF fabric has significantly more microscopic pore spaces available for absorbing odor compounds than the old OdorPax did.  So, we finally figured out how to get that technology in the Silvertons, we are now making our mini-dividers with two layers ACF fabric.  Previously we were including one OdorPax with each Silverton, now, we are including multiple mini-dividers (made of ACF fabric) with each Silverton.  So the Small Silverton has 2 mini-dividers, the Medium has 4, and the Large Silverton has 9 odor-absorbing dividers.


Just like the OdorPax, eventually the ACF dividers will fill all of the pore spaces with odor compounds and the ACF will need to be regenerated.  Once they are regenerated they can resume absorbing odors again.  In order to regenerate the ACF fabric you can heat the mini-dividers with a hair dryer, which will off-gas the absorbed odor compounds, this will free-up the pore spaces for absorption again.  Eventually the activated carbon will become “spent” (meaning it won’t rejuvenate anymore), once this happens the mini-dividers can be replaced, we sell two-packs for the Small Silvertons and 3-packs for the Medium and Large Silvertons.  The bonus is then you also will have more dividers if you choose to keep the “spent” ones. 

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