Steve DeAngelo on Cannabis Safety

This video summarizes the needed for proper storage of cannabis (or other medicine), so eloquently answered by Steve DeAngleo (the godfather of the modern cannabis movement).  This was on the first day of CanopyBoulder accelerator program, on March 31st, 2015. 

Co-founder Sam Campbell asks:

What do you think the current safety practices are for the distribution, storage, and transportation of cannabis?

Steve DeAngleo's response:

Oh my god, I wish someone would start working on some decent child-safety packaging. This is what happens when bureaucrats dictate business practices. I think the problem is pretty easily solved if cannabis consumers would be responsible and keep their medicine secure. That's what it really comes down to. Do not treat cannabis casually, treat it with respect, it is powerful and it's not for everyone. If you leave it laying around and don't treat it with proper care than you could cause problems for other people, maybe even yourself.

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