STASHLOGIX supports the Realm of Caring.

The Realm of Caring is a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization dedicated to providing support, education, and financial relief to individuals using cannabinoid therapy.  Their Care Specialist assist clients by using their resources  to help families during emotional and financial uncertainties.  In 2015, their Epilepsy Observational Research Registry grew to be the largest registry in the world studying epilepsy with over 500 participants. The Realm of Caring started in early 2012 when the Stanley Brothers helped two desperate parents gain access to high CBD / low THC cannabis plant for the children with severe epilepsy.  The results were so phenomenal that news spread across the globe.  By December 2014, over 12,000 individuals in the US and wolrdwide were requesting Charlotte's Web (the Stanley brother's hemp oil).  There are still thousands that are not able to legally access the potentially life-saving cannabinoids, particularly THC and THC-A.  The Realm of Caring services provide education to those using cannabinoid therapy and advocacy support for those who are urgently awaiting access.  

STASHLOGIX is donating 5% of all website sales to the Realm of Caring so they can continue to help pediatric and adult patients who suffer from a host of issues like epilepsy, autism, pain, cancer, neurological disorders, behavioral disorders, among many others.  

To learn more, and enroll, go to or call 719-347-5400 Ext. 123. 


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