Our Take on Home Storage and Safety for all Medicine

As responsible parents and citizens, we created Stashlogix to help others in similar situations. This blog aims to focus on education related to storage and safety. Although, we believe, the greatest value of a Stashlogix bag is for protecting controlled substances like pharmaceuticals or even infused edibles.

STASHLOGIX was founded on the principles of being thoughtful, secure, and discreet. What does that mean for you? The freedom to charge medical devices without sparking awkward conversations with the kids. A built in combination lock to securely store medicine and to keep it away from curious hands. We promote safe, secure storage of all medicine and believe that children's safety are a priority. It’s a brave new world out there and people are educating themselves regarding what options and medicines work best for them. 


Many people are turning to cannabis as the side affects are relatively safe; there are no recorded deaths from solely cannabis consumption. Still, the effects can be disorienting for a child if accidentally consumed. Pharmaceuticals, on the other hand, are extremely hazardous. Our country is struggling with an opioid crisis and the biggest gateway drugs are prescribed and in our homes. With our bags, we give parents a secure option to store their medicine away from children and prevent accidents. 

As a father of two in Colorado, I went to store my medicine and then realized how easily accessible they were. My kids know cannabis is legal in Colorado and in many other places. They also know it's harmful for them. My wife and I stress honesty and we're open about how some medicine can be very powerful, not intended for everyone, and therefore it should be kept away for their safety. 

These are not an easy subjects to talk about with children or even some adults. As with all sensitive topics, families need to make an appropriate decision that best suite them about how to talk to their kids about medicine and substance abuse and at what age. 




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