Legal and Locked: 5 Reasons to Store Safely

Many learning experiences in life come from making mistakes. Neglecting to store cannabis in a lockable case is not one that you need to make. Here are the top five reasons I lock up my cannabis products.

Keep It Out of the Hands of Children

Even though this seems like common sense, reported rates of unintentional cannabis ingestion by children in Colorado under 9 years of age increased by 34% after legalization.

While regulations are designed to prevent the production of edibles that could be deemed attractive to young children, such as gummy bears and lollipops, nothing beats locking up edible products and placing them out of reach.

The good news is that cannabis is non-toxic and there are no reported deaths from children consuming or misusing cannabis. It’s still a good idea to use common sense and avoid an unnecessary traumatic experience.

Even though I don’t have children in my house, I regularly visit friends that have kids. To avoid accidentally dropping a cannabis product out of my bag, or having curious hands discover a treat, I keep my cannabis stored safely in a locked pouch or case.

Stop Pets From Eating It

My roommate has a dog with an affinity for chocolate, so the last thing I want is to be responsible for his devouring of a THC-infused chocolate.

While all mammals, including our beloved cats and dogs, do have an endocannabinoid system and the potential to benefit from cannabinoid therapy, the dose within an edible intended for human consumption is probably not appropriate for pet consumption.

It’s a growing concern for the Pet Poison Helpline in the United States which experienced a 448% increase in pet cannabis consumption cases in the past six years.

Lock up your cannabis, keep it out of reach from your pets, and contact a cannabinoid-educated veterinarian to discuss proper dosing of cannabis for your pets.

Reduce Cannabis Odour in Public Places

I admit there have been a few times that I’ve opened up my handbag in a store and have been hit by the strong odour of the cannabis I’m carrying.

Sure, the smell of fresh cannabis flower is loved by many, but that half smoked pre-roll or fresh potent flower might as well put a flashing arrow over your head announcing cannabis consumer.

Carrying a case around with me isn’t always practical, so I usually keep a smaller lockable pouch inside my daytime handbag. These are ideal for an office-working cannabis consumer who wants to keep consumption habits private from colleagues.

Abide By the Law

I once opened the trunk of my vehicle to discover my personal cannabis products strewn everywhere. From that day on, I’ve abided by a strict personal rule that ensures all of my cannabis products are locked into a case and placed into the trunk when driving.

This makes sense for me for two reasons. Firstly, I do not want to lose any cannabis products in my car. While it’s inconvenient and wasteful to lose products this is mainly because if I drive over the Canada-USA border I do not want to have any cannabis items accidentally hidden in my car when crossing.

Secondly, in case I get pulled over by law enforcement, I would prefer the car not smell like cannabis. It is also illegal in Canada for the driver or passengers to have any cannabis products within reach while in a vehicle.

By storing my cannabis products in a locked case and in the trunk of the car, I am practicing responsible consumer behaviour, including the important choice to not drive impaired.

Avoid Misplacing Products

This reason circles back to reason number one. By locking my cannabis products in a case or pouch before putting them in my backpack or purse, I am avoiding accidentally dropping them in a public place where they could be found by children, teens or pets.

I am more likely to notice I’ve dropped a whole case or pouch than a slim vape pen or chocolate. If I do lose a locked case, at least it is locked and acting as a deterrent.

It’s so easy to lose small cannabis products in clothing pockets and bags. By always returning my cannabis items to a lockable pouch after use, I am able to keep track of them, saving money at home and avoiding surprises while travelling.

Locking up my cannabis stash is common sense and my responsibility as a cannabis consumer. If you or someone you know has a cannabis stash, please consider these reasons why locking it up is the responsible thing to do.

My prefered storage case is the Silverton by Stashlogix. I use the large case for my cannabis educational workshops, the medium one for overnight trips and the small size for daytime outings. Learn more about Stashlogix lockable cases here.

Disclaimer: The information shared in this post is for educational purposes only and is not to be considered medical or legal advice. Please consult with a cannabis educated health care practitioner and seek legal counsel on the cannabis laws in your area.

Disclosure: Flower & Freedom and Stashlogix have a paid educational partnership to collaborate on creating education on safe and responsible cannabis storage. Bethany and the Flower & Freedom team have been using Stashlogix cannabis storage solutions since November 2016.

Bethany Rae is the founder of Flower & Freedom. She is a cannabis education advocate and fitness enthusiast. She inspires honest, experience-based conversations to guide awareness around healthy cannabis consumption. Follow Bethany Rae on Instagram here.

Written by Bethany Rae for Flower & Freedom.

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