7 Reasons I Use Infused Salve When Hiking

I have a love-hate relationship with hiking. I love accomplishing something physical and being rewarded with epic views. I also enjoy the complete disconnect in nature which is one of my wellness strategies for maintaining my mental health.

However, hiking hurts. Sometimes extreme pain but mostly all day discomfort that can ruin the fun of it all.

Over the last few years, I’ve discovered I can use cannabis salve to relieve different types of pain and annoyances while hiking, increasing endurance and making it a whole lot more fun.

Cannabis applied topically generally does not cause euphoria, the high, as the cannabinoids are being absorbed locally through your CB2 receptors on the skin and into the muscles while not entering into the bloodstream.

This means I am able to optimize cannabis therapeutically and share the benefits with my fellow hikers while avoiding any discomfort or overconsumption of cannabis in the wilderness.

Here are the main ways I use a cannabis salve while hiking.

1. Bug Bites

I stay far away from toxic bug sprays so it not surprising when I end up with a bite or two. The cannabis salve seems to help in reducing the swelling and stopping the itching which helps keep me sane.

2. Blister Relief

I use the salve to prevent and reduce blisters. I usually apply a small amount on any reddening area and cover with a bandaid. This usually works in stopping the emerging blister from ruining my day.

3. Lip Moisture

I don’t need a lip balm when I have my cannabis salve with me. I apply it a few times throughout the hike to moisturize and protect.

4. Soothing Sunburn

Though I’m all for using a chemical-free sunscreen, I usually find that some part of my face or arms is overly sun-kissed after a long summer hike. My cannabis salve seems to soothe the burn, heal the skin faster and prevent blistering and peeling of the skin.

5. Healing Scrapes and Cuts

I’m always finding myself scrambling up and down rocks and don’t usually come out of a hike unscathed. Having my cannabis salve on hand means I have a chemical-free salve to act as an antiseptic because of its antibacterial properties. My cuts and scrapes seem to heal faster and hurt less when I apply cannabis salve.

6. Reduce Muscle Pain

Some days when I hike my legs feel like bricks. Other days I feel great but I may have muscle soreness from a gym workout the previous day. The most common however is after 8 hours of hiking or on an overnight hike, my muscles are tired and just need some relief.

My lower back and shoulder muscles also love the salve on the long day or overnight hikes when carrying a heavy backpack adds more strain. The cannabinoids in the cannabis salve, especially THC, help reduce the inflammation in my muscles, and therefore any pain, making long hikes a lot more pleasant.

7. Relieve Joint Pain

One of the main reasons I use cannabis on a hike is to relieve joint pain in my hips and knees. Working through alignment issues in my body sometimes causes me pain but I find that the cannabis salve helps to reduce this for longer, more difficult hikes.

Cannabis salve has become one of my 10 essential items to take hiking. Along with my headlamp and water purification tablets, my sample size tin of cannabis salve has proven it’s worth in weight multiple times.

Like all my cannabis products I transport my cannabis salve in a sealed container. My favourite pouch for hiking at the moment is the Dotsero by Stashlogix as it’s small, weather-proof and odour-resistant. When I bring other cannabis products with me I use a slightly larger case such as the Stashlogix Highland because it has the lockable feature.

Disclaimer: The information shared in this post is for educational purposes only and is not to be considered medical or legal advice. Please consult with a cannabis educated health care practitioner and seek legal counsel on the cannabis laws in your area.

Disclosure: Flower & Freedom and Stashlogix have a paid educational partnership to collaborate on creating education on safe and responsible cannabis storage. Bethany and the Flower & Freedom team have been using Stashlogix cannabis storage solutions since November 2016.

Author Bethany Rae is the founder of Flower & Freedom. She is a cannabis education advocate and fitness enthusiast. She inspires honest, experience-based conversations to guide awareness around healthy cannabis consumption. Follow Bethany Rae on Instagram here.

Written by Bethany Rae for Flower & Freedom in partnership with Stashlogix.

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