5 ways to beat the holiday stress

Here’s our list of 5 ways to stay sane during the hectic holidays.  

  1. First and foremost, set some boundaries that will lead to a low-stress and rejuvenating holiday season. Don’t talk politics, don’t talk climate change, really try to avoid any charged issue, in other words, don’t watch the news. There’s plenty of time in the year to address all the all hard stuff but I think everyone deserves some time off from the negativity.  Try your best to just enjoy some quality time with your friends and family by keeping things light and positive.
  2. Get outside. Whether it’s by yourself or with the whole gang.  Maybe just a long walk in the neighborhood or maybe a hike.  Get your blood flowing, release those endorphins and work-off some of those holiday cookies. 
  3. Focus on Gratitude. ‘Tis the season give and receive gifts.  Holiday shopping is not easy, and it takes time.  Appreciate the effort you put in to acknowledge your loved ones and appreciate those that are acknowledging you.  The holidays are a big effort for everyone involved, so don’t forget to thank them.
  4. My intention is to get up early one morning to enjoy an early rise-and-grind session with my favorite herb and pair it with a cup of coffee or tea. I’ll take this time to list out my favorite moments and accomplishments of the year. I’ll jot down all the highlights of the people that I enjoyed, any adventures I tackled, the concerts and events that fed my soul, and the friends, family, and coworkers that made me smile.  This will help me be in a mindset to focus on gratitude during the holidays.  I recently read about a great practice that I want to try at a holiday dinner… pass out paper and pens and have everyone jot down a few things they are grateful for and then everyone can pass the bowl around and read a couple.
  5. Let the important people know that you are thinking about them. Take some time to send a text to your friends and family.  Everyone appreciates a bit of holiday cheer.
  6. If you’re like me, you’ll be using some “green aspirin” to help you be more present and to keep a peaceful mindset from the stresses that the holidays can bring. As a result, I’m sure I’ll have the munchies from time to time, so I’m preparing by picking up some ingredients to bake some kind of sweet and savory treat for myself and others.  Plus, if the stomach is the way to someone’s heart, then your partaking partner-in-crime (sibling, relative, friend, or spouse) will appreciate you even more.


I hope you enjoy the holidays and thanks again for stashing logically.   

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